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February 17, 2016

Online dating for larger singles is shedding its image – 4 reasons why

It must be admitted, online dating for larger singles has not always had a great image. Paranoia that the web is infested with dangerous characters intent on lying, cheating and grooming us for nefarious purposes has too long stigmatised online dating for larger singles. But as more and more people find love on the internet, online dating is getting a reputation revamp. Here are four reasons why.

1. Online dating for larger singles is the informed way to date
How many of us know couples that met when drunk in a club? It seems illogical that drunken strangers can be given the green light but people who chat online and then meet up to see where things lead get a bad press. With online dating, you’re in control with who, where and when you meet up. And you have a whole online world of dates to choose from.

2. Open Communication
People sometimes say that when it comes to online dating for larger singles you can never be sure that what you’re being told is the truth. But can we ever be? Like in life in general, with online dating it is best to use your instinct. Plus, it’s not actually in anyone’s interest to lie on their online profile. Any lies about your age or your height etc will show you up when you meet someone in person. Most people know that honesty really is the best policy.

3. Overcoming our British reserve
In America the concept of dating has been more widely accepted for longer. While the girls in Sex and the City were, unashamedly, flirting their way through flocks of men, many of us in Britain would never dare ask someone out at the bus stop. Dating online makes it much easier to overcome nerves and ask for that date as that romantic context is there from the beginning.

4. We already meet and talk to people through the internet
How many of us admit to spending half our lives on Facebook? We shop online, we read online, we watch videos online. Then we talk about it, we share the links and we broadcast our thoughts to hundreds of our friends. We have become an internet nation and online dating is the natural progression for our keyboard pounding, smart phone-worshipping lifestyles.

If you’re curious about online dating then why not sign up and see for yourself. You may be pleasantly surprised!

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